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Academic Advisor

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Professor of Microbiology

GeorgiaVIEW Desire 2 Learn

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Assistant Professor of Sociology

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If you do little things well, you'll do big ones better!

Assistant Professor of Art

Academic Advisor, Center for Student Success

Professor of Physics and Astronomy

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Georgia College | Dept. of History & Geography

Professor of Business Communication and Information Systems

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Assistant Professor of Marketing

Lecturer, Biology & Environmental Science

Associate Professor of French and Spanish

Chair, Department of Outdoor Education

Professor of Management

Professor of Music Education

Assistant Professor of Geology, Environmental Sciences and Hydrogeology

Assistant Professor of Mathemtics

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Bill Wolfe - Professor of Biology

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Department of Government

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Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Adjunct Faculty

Assistant Professor Nursing

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Professor of Management

Professor of Economics

Instruction and Reference Librarian

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Associate Professor of Chemistry

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Academic Advisor

Assistant Professor of Secondary Education

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IDEAS Systems Analyst

Chair and Professor of Psychology

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CSCI 1000 Instructor

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Professor English and Rhetoric

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Academic Advisor

Professor of Middle Grades Education

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Associate Professor of Psychological Science

Rebecca Miles

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Senior Academic Advisor

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Academic Advisor

Director, IDEAS

Assistant Professor of Outdoor Education

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Professor of Economics