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Taylor Sultan Quedensley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Plant Biology

Research Collaborator, National Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian Instution

Department of Biological & Enviornmental Sciences

Georgia College & State University

Campus Box 081

Peteravenia phoenicolepis

Reserach Interests

Evolutionary Relationships of Endemic Montane Asteraceae from Mexico and Guatemala

Lichenized-fungal biodiversity, with focus in Georgia and Guatemala

Biodiversity of Central Georgia

Curriculum vita

Teaching and Scholarship

For GCSU students

For school teachers and future science educators



Courses Offered

Principles of Biology I (BIOL 1107 & 1107L)

Principles of Biology II (BIOL 1108 & 1108L)

Seminar (BIOL 3000)

Evolution (BIOL 3700)

Plant Systematics (BIOL 4670/5670)

Lichenology (BIOL 4950/5950 & ENVR 4950)

Topics in Horticulture (BIOL 4840/5840)

Molecular Systematics (BIOL 6950)

Genreral Botany (plan to offer Fall 2015)

Contact Information:

(478) 445-1332 Office
(478) 445-5290 Fax


The Sunflower Family (Asteraceae) is the most abundant and species-rich plant family in the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala. Many species occupy narrow range distributions (endemics) and occur in threatened montane ecosystems (e.g. cloud forest, pine-oak forest).


Lichens, or lichenized-fungi, are a diverse group of understudied symbiotic organisms that occupy almost every ecosystem on our planet and can be used to measure biodiversity and air pollutions levels.


Our beautiful state of Georgia is host of wide range in species diversity with respect to both its flora and fauna.


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