"WHAT IS MYTH?" information page (by Mary Magoulick)

MYTHOLOGY LINKS                                

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts  Very nice comprehensive list of sites and links to actual folklore texts (good academic perspective), compiled, edited and/or translated by D. L. Ashliman, University of Pittsburgh, 1996-2001 INCLUDES nice list of folk and fairy tale links

Bulfinch's Mythology The Whole Texts! including many myths (from ancient Greece, Rome & Medieval Europe -- i.e. Arthur) online. 

Mything Links An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Traditions by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D. Mythological Studies Department, Pacifica Graduate Institute 

The Bard The Bard Summer School, Clare Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Exploring Myth and Storytelling. Good site from Ireland.

The Magic Web  Links to many mythology and folklore pages

The Encyclopedia Mythica. An encyclopedia of folklore, myth, and legend. Copyright 1995-2000 M.F. Lindemans. 

Mythology Links Nice compilation of links to many interesting sites (more focused on classical mythology)

Myths and Legends  Many links (more popular than academic)

Mythology Web Links to articles, forums, etc. 

Lamhfada An on-line magazine of myth and story (more popular than academic)

Myth and Legend from Ancient Times to the Space Age Popular Site but with some good lists of links to other sites and journals. See the Mythology and Folklore Page. And the Page of General Folklore and Mythology LINKS.

Legendary Site of the Week Legends from a small country presents: Legendary Site of the Week, adventures in mythology, folklore and urban legends.

Mythhome Popular site but with some good information (like family trees of characters in myths)

Holo Mai Pele Nice PBS site about Hawaiian mythology

Windows to the Universe Mythology site, mainly for children with interesting lessons.

Yahoo's Mythology and Folklore Page Featuring many links to interesting sites.


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